The latest Snooker Scene podcast is out

David Hendon and Michael McMullan discuss Mark Allen’s Champion of Champions win, the Ronnie v Mark Allen incident, Ronnie’s chances at SPOTY,  why the “triple crown” isn’t and should not be “a thing”, Ray Reardon appearences in shows and more …

davehendon · Snooker Scene Podcast episode 131 – Lenny Bruce is Not Afraid

Regarding the incident, the base line is that Ronnie over-reacted but Allen did stand in his eyeline several times, so Ronnie had cause to complain. David and Michael have a point when saying that players winning usually don’t notice those things, whilst those under  pressure do. That’s my experience as a photographer as well. David also insists on the signifiance of Ronnie’s apology. Ronnie certainly never questioned the fact that Allen was the better player and showed that he wanted to put that incident to rest.

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  1. About the incident it of course depends on to what extent we accept Ronnie’s claim that it started bothering him from 3-2 when he was still leading, of course he should have told Marcel THEN, because what he said about playing little games of taking more time between shots carried no message, but obviously did not help him in any way, quite the opposite. But of course he does not want people dwell on this in the future, so I suppose I should also do him the courtesy of not doing it. 🙂

    Yes, it is the BBC making the “triple crown” big, and I certainly agree with them saying that there is no equivalence between the three “triple crown” tournaments. In that respect the ITV-Coral I think is a lot better built IMO and the Tour has longer matches which they find important (and I agree).

  2. I think we have to disagree on this. You can either call it UK centric approach or you can call it tradition. You mention the Belgian federation, but i said above in my comment ‘looking at it globally’. And looking at it globally UK is really up there regarding the interest i think. China for sure has more players because it has way more inhabitants. However we can maybe agree on that snooker is still a relatively young sport and it may well become lets say more global in terms of the interest but im not sure in terms of actual players so much because there will never be a snooker table just around your corner on which opinion Id like to hear your thoughts.

    • That’s were you’re wrong. Lots of clubs have closed, both in the UK and eveywhere. However, only a few years ago there were no less than three clubs less than one mile away from my home in Brussels. Our national competions include a tour for under-14, under-16, under-18, under-21, “main”, masters 40+ and masters 50+ both men and women. So it’s NOT a young sport for us. What we lack though is a good coaching structured network.

      • Why am I wrong? I know about the club closures and its part of the problem I was trying to explain. And again you only talk about Belgium. What about the US for example? But its good everybody looks at the problems in another way and we may leave that argument.

  3. I dont get it why the Triple Crown should NOT be a “thing”. At least I dont get it why they are trying to downplay it. Those are the Tournaments really EVERYBODY wants to win, they have great heritage, great venues, great crowds, great prize money, they have got all the ingredients for being ‘major’ tournaments, so why not call them the Triple Crown events??????? Also the BBC shows them obviously and personally I think they produce the best camera angle for the table. I heard the podcast and understand that earlier there wasnt much talk about those three as being outstanding but things can change cant they?

    • Because it’s mainly the BBC wanting them big. And it’s part of the “UK centric” model that persists in a sport that claims to be global. Just like having all qualifiers in the UK even for Chinese and European events. Personally, I think that ITV does a better job than the BBC. They certainly have better commentators and pundits, less tuck in the past, less aware of how snooker has evolved, actually knowing the younger players – even the non UK ones – and not butcheing their names, and not mentioning golf every odd sentence… The UK ES team is good as well.

      • But to be fair If you want to be snooker a real global sport you cant blame everything on the promotion being too UK centric. The people still have to develope INTEREST in the game. Thats still at a pretty low level these days in my opinion looking at it globally, surely has to do with the fact that the tables are very expensive so that the integrity of the sport is difficult anyway. Because watching a sport is great but if you feel you have never really the opportunity to play it it can be a bit frustrating. Unless that happens no sport can get global really and the promoters have enough to do to keep the sport alive and then they do it where there is most interest which is firstly the UK and then China.

      • Do you know thar the Belgian snooker Federation has more members than England’s? Your perception is a sheer reflection of that UK centric approach I mention. How many UK snooker players would there be on the main tour if they had to expat to China to play? If they had to learn the language, live in a different culture? And how many would succeed? Not many at all. There are far more snooker players at all levels in China nowadays than in the UK…

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