Snooker Legends ‘Cues of Tomorrow’ Junior Series

Jason Francis, who created the Snooker Legends Tour, then launched the Seniors Snooker Tour, is now trying to help young snooker players to improve their game. 

He is launching the Snooker Legends ‘Cues of Tomorrow’ Junior Series 

Here is the announcement he made on social media, and via email:

Snooker Legends ‘Cues of Tomorrow’ Junior Series What we know so far…

You can now register your interest so you can get the details by email as soon as they are released for the Cues of Tomorrow Junior Series.
These events are not starting until September 2021 but here are the dates.

4th and 5th September
18th and 19th September
2nd and 3rd October
16th and 17th October
6th and 7th November
20th and 21st November
27th and 28th November
4th and 5th December
Finals Weekend 11th and 12th December

We have not published entry fees and prize money… why? because the more we raise in sponsorship and donations the cheaper we will make entry fees and the more we will pay out in prize money.

To enter the Under 14 Competition (U14) you must still be 13 years of age on the 4th September 2021
To enter the Under 18 Competition (U18) you must still be 17 years of age on the 4th September 2021
To enter the Under 21 Competition (U21) you must still be 20 years of age on the 4th September 2021

It does not matter if you have a birthday during the series as long as you are under the relevant age on that date.

The winner of of our U14, U18 and U21 series will get:

1. their entry fee funded for the 2022 Professional Q School
2. entry into the “2022 Q School Entry Preparation Programme” this
will include, but it not limited to, professional mentoring, WPBSA coaching, promotion of the Cues of Tomorrow Junior Series and a session with a famous Champion of our sport to prepare and get hints on what it takes to be the very best! Matt Andrews has already been announced as part of the team.
3. Should any of our Champions earn a WPBSA Tour Card from the 2022 Q School they will also be offered a two-year management contract with Snooker Legends and be assigned a professional player as a mentor for the first season. Should the player be under 18 the contract would be offered to the player via their designated guardian.

If you want to donate or support this initiative, either publicly as a partnering company or anonymously please email me

We already have Cue Craft and Legends Cue Sports as announced partners.
To get on the list to get the entry pack details when they are finalized please email, or message me, with the following

1 players’ name
2 players’ age
3 events they would be interested in entering age wise?
4 looking to enter events local to them or all national events?
5 parents’ name if under 16
6 players’ email if over 16
7 parents’ contact email if under 16

By registering…

1 you are not committing to enter
2 you are ensuring you get the option to enter when it opens if you choose and if you agree and accept the terms and conditions of the entry pack.Please share to any juniors you think will be interested in this.

The ‘Cues of Tomorrow’ Series could be a huge new opportunity for all amateur players out there.

Regards Jason Francis

Matt Andrews is a coach, and a mental coach who has helped Ronnie in the past. He was at his side during his famous Masters 2007 win.

Please share ! One kid you know, one kid you helped might become a world champion one day.