Tour News – 8 “one year list” tour cards and updated 2021 Welsh Open draw

Amine Amiri has withdrawn fron the 2021 Welsh Open. Here is WST announcement:

Amine Amiri has withdrawn from the BetVictor Welsh Open and has been replaced with a straight swap in the draw with the next available player on the Q School 2020 Order of Merit, Jamie Curtis-Barrett.

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WST also announced that this season there will be 8 tour cards availbale through the one year list.  Here is the announcement:

WST, in consultation with WPBSA, has decided that the following players will receive two-year tour cards, for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons:

Players finishing the 2020/21 season in the top eight of the one-year ranking list, who do not otherwise keep their tour card by finishing in the top 64 of the two-year rankings. This is a change from the current structure where only the top four on the one-year list earn a new tour card.

Players who qualify for the final stages of the Betfred World Championship at the Crucible, who otherwise would not earn a new tour card. This rule was introduced for the first time last season.

This is as an interim measure due to the exceptional circumstances in the current season. Further details on the tour structure for 2021/22 will be announced in due course.


2 thoughts on “Tour News – 8 “one year list” tour cards and updated 2021 Welsh Open draw

  1. This may seem like a fairly insignificant announcement, but it’s life or death for some players. Currently in those positions are: Xu Si, Chang Bingyu, Jamie O’Neill, Andy Hicks, Chris Wakelin, Luo Honghao, Sam Craigie, Jackson Page and Igor Figueiredo. Apart from Hicks (who was out for a few years), these are all players who should be on tour, for various reasons. It’s even possible Michael While could qualify this way. Other players, such as Filipiak, Cahill, Si and Vahedi will probably be looking at Q School, but chances there are correspondingly improved.

    Adding the numbers up, there will be 101 of the current professionals who will stay on the tour, plus Andy Pagett, any surprise Crucible qualifiers, and the inevitable wildcards. The “Cricible rule” would suggest that Q School might run concurrently, as it did last year. That leaves up to 26 places to fill. Of course, many of the feeder tournaments (such as continental championships) have probably been cancelled. Also, having a reduced number of Q School qualifiers is reasonable, as most of those players have been unable to play and would simply be unprepared to cope with the high standard on the professional tour.

    I do hope this time they manage to hold a decent Q School. Last year’s was even more of a lottery than usual, with best-of-5 matches and some extremely late finishes.

    Altogether it’s a sensible and welcome decision, which would seem to be benefitting the right players.

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