WST Pro Series Phase Two – Schedule

WST has announced the schedule for phase two of the event:

WST Pro Series Second Phase Schedule

Following Thursday’s draw for the second phase of the WST Pro Series in Milton Keynes, we can now announce the order in which the four groups will be played.

Group 1 – Wednesday March 17th
Winner of Group I
Martin O’Donnell
Winner of Group P
Ali Carter
Louis Heathcote
Runner-up of Group I
James Cahill
Sunny Akani

Group 2 – Thursday March 18th
Zhao Xintong
Shaun Murphy
Kyren Wilson
Ben Woollaston
Xiao Guodong
Runner-up of Group P
Runner-up of Group E
Lu Ning

Group 3 – Friday March 19th
Barry Hawkins
Joe Perry
Luo Honghao
Jack Lisowski
Fergal O’Brien
Sam Craigie
Mark Davis
Luca Brecel

Group 4 – Saturday March 20th
Stuart Bingham
Winner of Group O
Oliver Lines
Winner of Group E
Zhou Yuelong
Runner-up of Group O
Dominic Dale
Ricky Walden

The detailed match schedule will be announced shortly, with play to start at 10am each day. Once again it will be a round-robin format, with all matches best-of-three frames. The top two in each group will qualify for the final winners’ group, to be played on March 21, when the champion will be crowned.

WST intend to have at least two reserve players on site who will replace any players who withdraw for any reason. The selection of the reserve players will be based on their performance in Phase One, using the following criteria:

1) Most points won in the group stage
2) Most frames won in the group stage
3) Highest break in the group stages

Replacements who make it into the event will be eligible for prize money and ranking points.

This means that, should Ronnie come through his Group on Monday next week, he would be due to play again on the Wednesday.

One thought on “WST Pro Series Phase Two – Schedule

  1. Oh, it’s complicated. We don’t know the schedule for the Tour, do we? Monday matches would be a great practice for Ronnie, but is it strict bubble, or could he go home for Tuesday if he won and return on Wednesday? I certainly don’t think he would like to lose to Carter/Cahill, but neither do I think he wants to stay till the end of the week and then travel to Wales. So I would not be surprised if he pulled out of the whole thing even if he won on Monday, good they keep people in reserve.

    On the other hand I would HATE if Trump won it and then claimed he has “overtaken” Willow in number of ranking events, and this would be one of them vs. Willow’s 3 Worlds. Though no doubt WST will celebrate it as such a great achievement. So I hope it won’t happen.

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