2022 January – Exhibitions Report

Ronnie played in two exhibitions last week-end

He made a 147 in each of them.

In the first he also made two more centuries, in the second he narrowly missed out on a 155!

The 147 made in Mansfiled is quite the story: Ronnie’s opponent , Rafa, had come from Spain with his wife just for the chance for him to play their idol… this is what happened…


Here are some images shared on social media

And the second 147 in Landywood



7 thoughts on “2022 January – Exhibitions Report

  1. I kinda wish Ronnie wouldn’t play in these championship league events. They’re not good for his match-win percentage…

    • Agree. Of course people say it is practice, but it makes me wonder what kind of practice could be derived from this morning’s contribution. And simply hate tha it is another unfortunate number in his head-to-head against Higgins.

    • That’s irrelevant. Those matches are on Rasson tables, the same that are used in the Players Championship. They play differently from the star tables, so getting used to them can only be good. During the first session table one was running off terribly. I think they fixed the problen – at least to an extend – during the break. When this happens it’s very frustrating for the players, especially for the “touch players”. Walden was the main victim. During his match against Higgins, Walden lost the fourth frame on the three-miss rule. The table is rolling off, the white drifted and hit the pink on the third attempt.

      • Oh, I was wondering if the Players will be on the same table as it brought a lot of grief. On the other note I almost forgot: kudos to Ronnie (and Kyren) for being correctly dressed. Higgins in short sleeves didn’t contribute to a good day. 😸😯

      • Ronnie played better this evening.He was still far from his best, made too many mistakes but he did continue to try hard and he looked very frustrated. Bad day in office! Still he could and probably should have won the match against Gould who had two massive flukes to come from 2-0 down to 2-2.

      • Thanks for the update: I saw the one against Walden and that was better, finishing with a century, though too many mistakes. I didn’t see the one against Gould, though losing from being 2-0 up is disappointing. Well, I don’t care too much about advancing in this event, but hope it won’t be damaging for morale for next week

  2. Ronnie want negative H2H versus John…?
    I thought the ChL is a casual century and 147 factory, in T-shirt.
    Or the little disappointments make stronger motivation…later, for The big Matches?

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