Exhibitions – May 2022

Whilst so many players are fighting for their professional status, Ronnie has been touring with the World Trophy, doing exhibitions and meeting the fans in South England, Cornwall and Wales. In Wales he did 3 nights at Darren Morgan’s club and Darren shared a lot of pictures on Facebook.

Darren’s club is, as you would expect, a great place to play snooker and was looked packed on every of the three nights.

Here are the images… en vrac!


pictures shared on twitter (Jason Francis) and on Facebook (Darren Morgan)

Not much transpired about the ones in Bridgewater although it seems that, on one night Ronnie made 5 centuries.  In Wales, he was playing the locals and chasing 147’s and eventually … yes, he made one!

147 attempt at Darren’s club





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  1. Here is the end of the successful 147 from the second night, posted by Darren Morgan on fb. Thanks to Zoltán Kojsza (amateur player, who played against Ronnie there on the first night) for sharing it.

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