Africa Nomination, Ronnie News and Pictures – 20 June 2022

In just over a week from now, the 2022/23 season will start with the 2022 ranking Championship League. There is still one main tour spot to be allocated: the Africa Nominated.

Here is a letter from Jason Ferguson, explaining the qualifying process:


The 20th of June is … today. At the time of writing I’m not sure if there is a way to follow these competions and I have no clue about the format. When Amine Amiri qualified for the main tour, the format was very short, and the field very “small”. There is no way Amine was ready for the main tour and he was a lamb for the slaughter. I want to hope that, this time, there will be a bigger field and that the format will be longer.

I went with Ronnie to an exhibition in Casablanca. If my memory isn’t failing me it was at that same club. If so, the venue is nice and welcoming. Some of the amateurs Ronnie played  had a very decent level, but not high enough for the professional circuit.

About Ronnie … he’s left Singapore yesterday. He was extremely happy and thankful with the “RoSSA” experience.

Thank you to all the staff at @rossa147_ for making my first visit to Singapore a huge Success. I really enjoyed my time here. See you all soon.

The RoSSA academy shared more pictures …

I’m not sure what happened with the “Four Men Tournament”. I left a question on RoSSA’s FB page but got no answer so far.

You would expect Zhao to beat Mink and Ronnie to beat the local amateur.

In this series there are pictures of what is likely just of one frame, between Zhao and Ronnie and the sequence of pictures suggests that Zhao won it.

Big thanks to snooker155 We now have the results of the four men tournament and an explanation for the previously published video (see comment section)

Here is what was reported by Singapore media about the 4 men tournament

Snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan emerged the winner of a four-player tournament on Saturday (18 June) to launch his snooker academy at The Grandstand.

The defeated China’s world No.6 Zhao Xintong 4-2 in the best-of-seven final. He had earlier beaten Singapore’s Jaden Ong – who is one of the scholarship recipients at the Ronnie O’Sullivan Snooker Academy – while Zhao defeated Thailand’s reigning women’s world champion Nutcharut Wongharuthai to advance into the final.

And the videos shared by Gappa Gappa, including the one previously shared here but in a better quality.

24 june 2022 update …

… and now the 4-men pictures have been shared on RoSSA FB page 

Mink beat Jaden for the “third place” too

6 thoughts on “Africa Nomination, Ronnie News and Pictures – 20 June 2022

  1. This video was taken on the night of Wednesday 15 June 2022 (i.e not the tournament itself). The same video could be found on Hi-End Snooker’s Facebook page (see the timestamp) I believe this user Talya took it from there and reposted it on Vimeo.

    They hosted an event at RoSSA that night (I was surprised because RoSSA announced that they would be closed from 11 June to 19 June to the public, yet there were people there watching Ronnie vs Xintong, when the only exhibition dates were 11,12, 18 and the tournament on the 19th! It was probably some sort of corporate event that booked RoSSA for the night)

    See’s post, where they tagged RoSSA (seems like they were engaged to provide F&B for the event)

    In one of the Instagram Stories of Yu Ba Fang (a food establishment specialising in Taiwanese-style dumplings, Ronnie and Xintong made a visit to their Raffles City outlet on that day. He was wearing the same shirt as in the video above (See their IG stories and Raffles City’s as well, it might still be there in the archives)

    As for that one frame between Ronnie and Xintong in the pictures above, it was actually from the exhibition on the 17th (likely to be the last frame of the day)

    Also, Ronnie’s opponent (Jaden Ong) isn’t exactly an amateur. He’s an ex-national player, and currently is one of the scholarship recipients of RoSSA. You can check the FB page for some of his matches and century breaks.

    As for the results of the tournament, it was reported here. (The reporter was probably there) :

    I’m still waiting for the pictures of the tournament (if they would upload it, that is)

    • Thank you for all these informations! Yes, Talya certainly took it from elsewhere. The banner above the video shows that. Thank you so much for the link above, with the results. Much appreciated.

  2. What’s happening with the second CBSA China Tour spot, Peng Yisong and…?

    • The official version is that CBSA was only allocated one spot this time. Not sure why and not sure if it’s a “one time” thing.

      • I suspect it’s because the tour cards were allocated to CBSA on condition they held some tournaments. They haven’t been able to fulfill that requirement, due to lockdown policy. I doubt whether any CBSA official will explain that, as it would look like a criticism of the government – not a wise career move.

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