Snooker News – 18 July, 2022

2022 Irish Masters

Ronnie, Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White and Ken Doherty were in Goffs this week-end for the Irish Masters organised by Snooker Legends. This was the third event of the “Masters” series, all played in iconic venues. Ronnie won them all … greedy lad!

On Staturday afternoon, Jimmy beat Ken by 6-0. A bit surprising but Jimmy always plays well in exhibitions, away from the pressure of the pro tour. In the evening, Ronnie beat Stephen by 6-2. A harsh score but, according to Jason Francis, this was the best Stephen played in a long time.

On Sunday afternoon, Stephen beat Ken by 4-0! Not sure what happened to Ken this week-end. I hope he’s OK. Ronnie beat Jimmy by 6-4 in the evening.

2022 World Games

The 2022 World Games in Alabama, USA, featured a “snooker” discipline.

All the results are on

All matches were best of 5, including the final. The Gold medal was won by Cheung Ka Wai from Hong Kong, whilst Darren Morgan took the Bronze medal. Darren was representing Great Britain. Although this is such a short format that results might be a bit “random”, Cheung’s win might prove very important for the future of snooker in Hong Kong. Indeed the sport is set to lose its “Elite Sport” status and with it, its funding by the state. Wins like this might help reverse that decision.

2022 Ranking CLS

The event is back today with the fourth and final week of stage one. The field for some groups of stage two is already completed and Ronnie’s Group A is one of them:

Screenshot 2022-07-16 at 11.48.40

This is a very, very though group. Probably the thoughest this year at that stage.




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  1. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen a mention of Ka Wai Cheung’s win on WST’s site. You’d think they would be keen to demonstrate their support for this pre-Olympic event. I saw Cheung play a brilliant match at Q School, and he would be an exciting player to have on the main tour. But his progress may depend on HKSA funding, which is set to be cut. His opponent was Abdelrahman Shahin, a young Egyptian, who looked quite decent but wasn’t able to score.

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