The 900 – Andrew Norman wins Week 1

Andrew Norman was a deserved winner at the end of the 900 Week 1. He dominated the field yesterday evening and even made a 129 total clearance against Connor Benzey in his second match.

Congratulations Andrew!

This is how it unforlded:

It was high quality snooker and high scoring all evening . As a result the action finished well ahead of schedule.

Andrew was thrilled is you can imagine. What he earned yesterday is the equivalent of one month salary, but more importantly, it got him buzzing and enjoying his snooker again.

This is what he had to say:

Here are more pictures, shared by Jason and Andrew on social media:

It really was an enjoyable night of snooker… I stayed up watching right to the end of the final … well past 2am where I live! And the hubby as well!