Ronnie and Jimmy Snooker Exhibitions in Sofia and Plovdiv – 25&26.11.2022

25 November 2022 – Sofia

Ronnie and Jimmy entertained a huge crowd yesterday evening in Sofia. Today they will do another one in Plovdiv. Those events are organised by Oleg Velinov and he does a sterling job. Everything ran smoothly yesterday.

It started with the players signing goods and programs in the arena itself.

The match itself was a best-of-9 with a twits or two…

The first frame was in fact played as a “Scotch Doubles”. Each of the pros was paired with a local amateur. Sorry, I don’t know their name. Jimmy’s yesterday’s partner is a really good player. Ronnie played with a young lad, who, maybe, was a bit overawed by the occasion. Anyway, “Team Jimmy” won that frame convincingly. and it counted as 1-0 to Jimmy in the match…

The rest of the match was a rather close and very entertaining affair, Ronnie emerging a 5-4 winner. Both players scored one century. They didn’t refuse many shots as you might imagine 😉

Two of the frames Jimmy won involved very unorthodox shots. In both occasions the white had come to rest touching, or nearly touching, the colour he intended to play. There was not way he could play it without playing a push shot. What to do? Jimmy’s “solution” was to put his cue down, “cut the white” with his hand … and send the colour in a pocket as a result. Under the Bulgarian Exhibition circumstances, this was deemed a legal shot much to the delight of the crowd.

The first part of the match was refereed by Proletina Velichkova, the second part by a young lady whose name I couldn’t get (my hearing is not the best and it was a bit noisy out there before the match!). Both did a great job.

There was a crew filming the match, but I’m not sure if it was for television, probably not given how the players contract works, but there was a big screen in the arena itself and the images have to come from somewhere…

It was a really good night.

Those exhibitions are doing a lot for snooker. Maxime Cassis, the president of the EBSA attended the event and he had brought the president of the Serbian billiards and snooker federation with him. This is how to grow the sport at amateur levels.

Here is a short video shared by Jason

As you can see, there was an impressive crowd.

Here are the pictures I took on the night:

26 November 2022 – Plovdiv

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the Plovdiv exhibition.

Ronnie won again, this time by 5-3.

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  1. Ahh i thought you’ll write a new article but nevermind here is the informations about the night2:

    The event was delayed due to the traffic accident:

    “Due to a serious accident on the Sofia-Plovdiv road, neither the players nor the organizers can arrive on time for the start. The event will not start at 18:00 as planned, but at least an hour later. You’ll learn any new information here first.”
    “Ronnie O’Sullivan and Jimmy White also made a gift to over 1200 fans in Plovdiv Hall “C. And. L. A. ” in the second unforgettable edition of the Winbet Snooker Special. The Rocket achieved a second consecutive success over its great rival, this time with 5:3, but again far from the result was the most important memory of the evening.
    In Sofia on Friday night, the two played nine frames, the first of which in pairs with Victor Iliev and Georgi Velichkov. In the City under the hills, the partner of the Rocket was the local 19-year-old cheek master Velian Dimitrov, and Jimmy White was in tandem with 33-year-old Hristo Sirakov of Haskovo.
    O’Sullivan and Dimitrov made a total of 76 points between each other, with Chiguel Genius realizing the red balls, and the Bulgarian teenager mainly taking care of the black combinations (plus one blue).
    It was also framed in favor of Ronnie on the overall score in the match, but White quickly leveled with a half-century break of 68 for 1:1. The rocket responded appropriately with a series of 72, and just before the interval it also made sensors for the pleasure of the excited audience – 122 for 3:1.
    After the interval, White played more offensively and fell to 3:2 after a 62 series, which was enough for a 67-52. A new half-century – this time out of 54 for him – allowed him to level the score and take advantage of some distracted O’Sullivan action.
    The seventh frame developed with an exchange of defensive strikes and few combinations, with only one red on the table Jimmy was leading 40-38. Ronnie demonstrated gentleness and conceded a foul, but he was not fatal as he subsequently cleared the colors for 4:3.
    Jimmy stopped his 45 break for going out of position and Ronnie went hard to clear up pink to end the show in 5:3.
    As in Sofia, now the two stayed about half an hour after the end of the meeting to sign autographs to fans.”

    if you wish to see more informations, check these pages:


    “Seven-time and current World Snooker Champion Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan comes to Lighthouse for one night only.
    This special event will include an in-depth interview, auction and entertainment.”

  2. Plus wish a speed recovery for Desislava Bozhilova who tested positive for COVID, according to the local sources (as I copied one of them).

  3. According to this:

    “Ronnie O’Sullivan and Jimmy White gave about 1300 fans in Sofia’s Levski Hall an unforgettable nine-frame snooker show in the long-awaited demonstration match between them.
    The rocket imposed a 5:4 over its close friend and gathered in the Gentlemen’s Sports Hall of Fame, for which it received a special trophy from the Ministry of Youth and Sports Vesela Lecheva.
    The event was organized by the sponsor Winbet and was titled Winbet Snooker Show, with bookmaker Desislava Koleva-Ivanova presenting a commemorative plaque to Jimmy White.
    The first four frames were referenced by Proletina Velichkova, and after the traditional interval, the third person near the green skirt was Alexandra Struklin. Unfortunately, Desislava Bozhilova, who uttered in the United Kingdom Championship final just a few days ago, has coronavirus and missed the snooker show.
    The first frame was played in pairs – Ronnie O’Sullivan had as a partner his Bulgarian equivalent in style and temperament Victor Iliev, and Jimmy White was in tandem with perhaps the most established and permanent Bulgarian cheek master Georgi Velichkov.
    Vihrushka and Velichkov won the party convincingly, leaving their rivals on the chair. Ronnie then set the audience on fire with his quick points series, thanks to which he took a 2-0 lead.
    Jimmy White made an inspiring twist on the last black and “stole” the third party. After the interval, the 60-year-old six-time Crucible finalist showed that he was in amazing shape for his age – a century break of 118 for 2:2.
    In subsequent parties, White also displayed his showman abilities that made him the first snooker superstar in the ’80s – a sense of humor, trick shots and even hand-less performances.
    In the seventh frame, the two had to settle the dispute with a new black out and “penalties” on it, with the Whirlpool realizing with a spectacular double. Ronnie with a nice break in turn tied the score to 4:4.
    In such a scenario, the organization envisioned an exchange of punches on a lone black ball for peak drama. Ronnie and Jimmy, however, decided to make a gesture to the audience and played the full party. In it, the Rocket cleared up to pink and was declared the final winner, although the only one on Friday night were 1300 spectators on the stands of Levski Sofia Hall.
    On Saturday at 6 pm, the snooker caravan led by Ronnie and Jimmy moves to the Power Hall in Plovdiv.”

    The local boys in frame1 were Victor Iliev (with Ronnie) and Georgi Velichkov (with Jimmy)

  4. Good news that I’ve found an informatian few minutes before the 2nd night that the event was streamed by B1B Box (I think it’s a bulgarian online streaming sport service site) for free. So recorded and uploaded it:

    (I don’t know that yesterday so I wasn’t able to record the first night.)

    (it’d be an honor for me if you add this video if you write an article about the 2nd night Monique 🙂 )

  5. Ronnie’s scheduled to play in the Scottish Open the day after tomorrow, after being in Bulgaria today. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he were to withdraw…

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