The 2023 Turkish Masters is cancelled

This was announced by WST this afternoon

2023 Turkish Masters

WST has taken the decision to cancel the 2023 Turkish Masters, following discussions with our partners in Turkey.

We have made every possible effort to keep this event on the calendar over the past nine months, since the inaugural Turkish Masters took place in March 2022. Unfortunately, attempts by the local promoter to guarantee adequate funding for the event have been unsuccessful. WST always seeks assurances over the viability of events for its players and unfortunately on this occasion, these assurances could not be provided in the timeframe necessary for this event to be delivered.

The event was due to take place from March 13-19 and we are now exploring all options for an alternative event to be staged between the end of the Six Red World Championship and the Duelbits Tour Championship.

This probably explains why we still had no news about the draw when the qualifiers were scheduled in about two weeks from now.

8 thoughts on “The 2023 Turkish Masters is cancelled

  1. This was always likely after the figures from last year’s event. Perhaps a smaller tournament would have been viable.

    • I forgot (or it was overshadowed with Milkins’ drinking, lol). There was no interest in the tournament in Turkey?

      • I think there was interest from the fans point of view. Cue sports are big in Turkey, although 3-cushions is the game there, more than snooker certainly. The problem is about money, finding a promoter/sponsor ready to invest enough in the tournament.

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