Snooker News and Pictures – 05.03.2023

2023 Magyar Gala

Ronnie and Mark Allen played in the Magyar Gala in Budapest, yesterday and today. This is an exhibition event and they played three sessions. Jason Francis sent me a short report … thanks Jason.

The event was played in great spirit. It was very entertaining, the atmosphere was excellent, there were a lot of teasing, joking and laugher. The pros played shoot-out frames against local players, there were little snooker challenges and one match between Ronnie and Mark in each of the three sessions. Mark won them all: 4-3, 5-1, 5-0. That’s not very encouraging for us Ronnie fans, but maybe not that surprising given Mark’s form in recent months, and Ronnie’s struggles. Also Ronnie is probably not fully comfortable with his repaired/modified cue.

Ronnie did some filming for Eurosport as well, and both players spoke to the local press.

Ronnie will now head to Thailand where he is due to play on Tuesday. It’s a good thing that he has this non ranking event to play in given his recent woes with his cue.


Here are some pictures and videos, shared by Jason Francis on twitter

Red Carpet for the players at the 2023 6-reds Championship

Meanwhile, in Bangkok, the players involved in the 2023 6-reds World Championship got the red-carpet treatment

7 thoughts on “Snooker News and Pictures – 05.03.2023

  1. Feel confused the players replace not from the qualifier results(Jordon Brown is only R2…).
    (maybe the classic is so close)

    Personally think Selby should have fun in Thailand even he himself may not expect doing well. (It is so cold, rainy and cloudy in UK)

    • I believe that Ronnie is writing another autobiography, that picks up where “Running” left off and will cover up through winning the WSC last year.

      Ronnie admits in the interview that from May 2022 to January 2023 he didn’t have much time to dedicate to snooker, in part because of still working on the Netflix documentary, writing the new book, other business interests, family, dogs, and Laila…

      • Personally think it is too early for 2nd autobiography, but considering he could still have post-snooker career(Like his mentor did, but I suspect young guys now can endure his temper)…
        it still makes some sense.

      • Thank you, someone since told me that this is the Unbreakable autobio, we heard about, but slipped my mind. (Guess, because for me it sounds more like a tennis-book, lol.)

        From what I read, this Hungarian Gala made Mark Allen shine, although even he did not make very high breaks.

        So the 6-reds start today and I keep wondering if there is any other 6-reds event at all, since it is called the World Championship. 🙂

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