Ronnie wins the 2022 Meyerside Masters

Whilst the latest of the 2022 Welsn Open Qualifiers were played in Wolverhampton, Ronnie, Jimmy White, Reanne Evans and Stephen Hendry were in Liverpool to play a two days long Snooker Legends tournament.

The venue was St Georges Hall, an iconic snooker venue where Jo and Fred Davis played in 1952 …

Liverpool-History -1952
Image credits – Thurston Snooker

This magnificent venue hasn’t changed much.

The event was played over four sessions, two days. Snooker Legends events are not actually professional tournaments: the offer the righ mix between “exhibition” entertainment and serious, high quality snooker.

On Saturday, Stephen Hendry faced Jimmy White in the afternoon over best of 11; Jimmy won by 6-1. In the evening Ronnie defeated Reanne Evans by the same score; he made a century, two breaks over 90 and three breaks over 80. In the last frame of the day, he missed on 88 whilst on a maximum. Not bad!

On Sunday, the afternoon started with a bit of “cabaret” and trick shots by John Virgo. A best of 7 match between Stephen Hendry and Reanne Evans followed. Stephen won it by 4-3. In the evening Ronnie faced Jimmy for the title. Jimmy made the better start and lead by 3-0, before Ronne stopped the rot by taking the last frame before the MSI. He then won the next three to lead by 4-3. Jimmy wasn’t going to roll over though and the match went to a deciding frame. Eventually Ronnie won it by 6-5.

Here are some images, shared by Jason and fans on social media.

The event wasn’t streamed as this isn’t allowed by the professional players  contract.

But this video, recorded by a fan, emerged on social media

If anyone wonders about the scores… remember that this is an exhibition event. When Ronnie and Jimmy play in those events, their priority is to give the crowd a good time and they both go for spectacular shots, which are not always the “right” shots. Also, from my own experience, in a more relaxed environment, Jimmy can still play at a very high level much to the delight of his faithful fans.

2022 January – Exhibitions Report

Ronnie played in two exhibitions last week-end

He made a 147 in each of them.

In the first he also made two more centuries, in the second he narrowly missed out on a 155!

The 147 made in Mansfiled is quite the story: Ronnie’s opponent , Rafa, had come from Spain with his wife just for the chance for him to play their idol… this is what happened…


Here are some images shared on social media

And the second 147 in Landywood



Happy Exhibitions and CLS question mark

Ronnie played two exhibitions over the weekend. As usual Johm Virgo was the host and compère, and this time Brendan Moore was the referee on duty.

The Friday exhibition was organised bu ABC and this is the report they put on their facebook page:

Now on to the night.

The evening kicked off with a very warm welcome and a huge round of applause for the 1979 UK Champion, John Virgo. JV entertained the crowd with his world famous trick shot routine and hilarious impressions. After that, it was time for JV to introduce the six times world champion.

A huge round of applause welcomed Ronnie, and at 7.45pm the first frame broke off and it didn’t go too well for the first VIP player. In fact all 9 frames went to Ronnie. The highest break of the evening was a fantastic 140. During the interval the crowd were given the opportunity to have more photos taken with Ronnie’s world championship trophy which Ronnie later signed and also signed other memorabilia for guests. After the 9th and final frame, Ronnie and JV said their goodbyes and the raffle was drawn (congratulations to all winners). The evening finished off by presenting Nick Sewell with his VIP High Break trophy.

On Saturday Ronnie was at Jackson’s and after the exhibition tweeted this:


Well done Ben for all the hard work you’ve put into getting Jackson’s club to where it is now. Look forward to coming back.

I didn’t find more details about what happened that night but will put more here if/when I find out.

Now here it is thanks to Kalacs

Melton goes snooker loopy as Ronnie O’Sullivan comes to town

Snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan took Melton by storm on Saturday, with a thrilling evening’s entertainment – and he enjoyed the experience so much that he wants to come back.

Ronnie Jackson's 7.8.2021

Excitement had been growing in the days leading up to the six-time world champion’s visit to Jackson’s lounge and ‘The Rocket’ did not disappoint.

The snooker hall had been transformed into a staging area with space for 110 spectators for the event, which had sold out within a matter of days.

And as the start time approached there was a buzz outside as the queue of ticket-holders, eagerly waiting to get inside the club to see their hero, stretched down King Street into Market Place.

Ronnie Jackson's 7.8.2021

Another snooker legend, John Virgo, was compère for the evening and before play got underway he warmed up the crowd with some trick shots involving the audience, along with his witty repartee.

Eight lucky people took on The Rocket – with world-class referee Brendan Moore officiating.

Virgo introduced each player before they entered the hall to walk-on music they had chosen but despite some glimmers of hope none of them were able to pull off a shock upset.

Jackson’s assistant manager Karl Barratt was proud to be the only player to take a lead over Ronnie when he went 10-0 up and the highest break of a challenger went to Stuart Hammond with 22.

It was a real thrill for all who got the chance to take on the sporting superstar.

Ronnie, whose highest break was 114 on the night, is often called the most naturally gifted and greatest player of all time. Known for his fast and attacking style the event gave the popular 45-year-old Londoner the chance to wow the audience with his incredible skills.

During the interval fans had the chance to get autographs and chat with Ronnie as well as have a photograph taken with his World Championship trophy.

Excitement had been growing in the days leading up to the six-time world champion’s visit to Jackson’s lounge and ‘The Rocket’ did not disappoint.

The snooker hall had been transformed into a staging area with space for 110 spectators for the event, which had sold out within a matter of days.

And as the start time approached there was a buzz outside as the queue of ticket-holders, eagerly waiting to get inside the club to see their hero, stretched down King Street into Market Place.

It was the snooker legend’s first visit to Melton and he was full of praise for the town and the club.

“It’s good to be here,” he said. “The club is lovely, the crowd are great – very knowledgable about snooker. I hope to come again.”

Although Ronnie’s opponents never expected to get much of a look-in he was complimentary about their skills.

“It’s tough when you’re only playing one frame,” he commented.

“There were some good shots played, there are some good potters.”

One of Ronnie’s opponents Stuart Hammond used the opportunity to raise nearly £700 for MIND, the mental health charity.

Ronnie, who has struggled with depression in the past said: “It’s good that people are talking more about these issues and considering people’s well-being. Sports people struggling with mental health problems shouldn’t be penalised.”

Ronnie says he’s enjoying his snooker at the moment: “During the past few years I’ve been playing more exhibitions as well as the tour. I’m happy with how things are at the moment. It’s good to have a balance.”

Jason Francis, creator of Snooker Legends events, praised Jackson’s owner, Ben Jackson, for the hard work he had put in to making the event happen.

And the day after his Melton appearance, Ronnie posted on Twitter: “Well done Ben for all the hard work you’ve put into getting Jackson’s club to where it is now. Look forward to coming back.”

Ben said that although it had taken a lot of planning and hard graft he was delighted the event had been such a huge success.

Ronnie Jackson's 7.8.2021

Ronnie Jackson's 7.8.2021


Today will see the start of stage 2 of the 2021 summer CLS and Ronnie will be on table 1.

I’m not too sure what to expect. I know that Ronnie wasn’t impressed with the conditions when he played in his first group. but the table seemed to play a bit better towards the end of stage one, and of course, the heat wave is over. There are rumours on twitter saying that Ronnie has pulled out of the CLS but at the time of writing he’s still in it both on WST site and the CLS site.

Update: The withdrawal has now be confirmed.

ROS 2021 CLS withdrawal.

Not sure what that means in terms of prize money and ranking points.

This is not great although I’m not really surprised. Ronnie at this stage of his career wants to play on his own terms and enjoy himself. If he has to play in qualifiers for the Turkish Masters, I would not be surprised if he gave that one a miss as well.

Ronnie exhibition in Huddersfield

Ronnie was in Huddersfield yesterday for the second exhibition this week. As usual, feedback on social media has been excellent.

This is what Jason sent me yesterday after the exhibition:

131 and 103. We introduced safety measures so no meet and greet to protect people. Nice new club, ronnie was very impressed with young lad called Stanley. We are on shut down now but hopefully by the next exhibition on 16th April things will be better. Ronnie is very concerned about coronavirus and asks people to take it seriously and keep well

Yong Stanley lead Ronnie by 60 before Ronnie cleared with 61. Here is Stanley with Ronnie, and a view of the club …


Jason also shared this video


And this was shared by the club owner

Ronnie exhibition in Hull


Ronnie was in Hull yesterday and, going by the reactions on twitter, it was another very enjoyable night. Ronnie had a 111 and a 131, but he lost a frame as well.

He was very impressed with the club and the facilities and expressed the wish to come back there in the future. There were no handshkes, nor kisses but plenty of fist pumps … and sanitizer.

Here are some images shared on social media by Jason and fans …

And two small videos, shared by Jason and found by Silvry!


Thank you Silvry!

No snooker? Fun snooker!

Ronnie played in Derry again yesterday and going by reactions on twitter, the fans loved it. It wasn’t the highest scoring night by Ronnie, who had only one 105 … played left handed from start to finish. He also made another 50 clearance entirely left handed.


Ronnie, Jason and John Virgo were just happy that they all managed to make it for the fans after the problems they faced because of the Flybe airline collapse.

The, yesterday, this emerged on social media:

Ronnie in his first year as a pro, plays and beats Steve Davis at Pot Black Time Frame.

Twenty minutes, each player allowed 10 minutes play, each player controlling his opponent clock. Normal snooker rules – no shot clock – except that every foul gives the opponent a free ball. As many frames as fit in the 20 minutes. The goal is to have more aggregated points than your opponent when the time is over.

And, yes, Steve Davis was certainly capable of playing fast. And, yes again, seeing this, one can understand why Ronnie somtimes claims he was a better player at that age. He played with such freedom, he had no fear nor angst.


No snooker? More snooker!

So there is no main tour snooker for the next five days, until the amateur rounds f the 2020 Gibraltar Open starts next Wednesday.

But there is still plenty going on on the green baize.!

Ronnie is in Derry, Northern Ireland for two nights of exhibitions.

The first one was yesterday and Ronnie had two centuries, 104 and 106, and missed the 12th red when on a maximum attempt (88).


He almost didn’t make it there though… indeed he was due to fly with Flybe and the company went into administration. It was only announced yesterday. Jason Francis who went to collect John Virgo late at the airport the previous evening, stayed there for a birthday drink and heard about it by chance…. phew!

Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 12.37.39.png

The “Seniors” are battling it out in Pot Black Clacton, for a place in the 2020 WSS British Masters to be played early April in Plymouth.

You can find more information here and follow the scores as the tournament unfolds here.

There is also a “Super Seniors” event being played at the same place during the week-end and that one can be followed here.

Also starting tomorrow, there is the 2020 WDBS Belgian Open. It’s played at the “Trickshot” club in Bruges, and, again you can follow the event here. Like most “Disability Snooker” events, there are in fact several “sub-events” depending of the players type and severity of disability. There are a number of Belgian players in the draw, including Kurt Deklerck, a wheelchair player, and multiple World, European and Belgian Champion.