Very busy at the Mega Mall this afternoon

Ronnie, Stuart and Michaela were signing autographs in a shopping mall this afternoon, here in Bucharest. They might still be at the time of writing … 😉
I just hope they are well fed and watered (hum!) as from my experience a famished Rocket or a “dry” Michaela are no good.

after that they went to the Colectiv Club, that burnt some three weeks ago, to lit a candle. There were 60 casualties and there might be even more victims passing away in the coming days.


Snooker Titans in Bucharest – 21 November, 2015

Ronnie beat the World Champion Stuart Bingham on the night, by 5-4 from 0-2 down, making the only century of the match, a 109, in frame 7.

It was an amazing night, with a great crowd, in a fantastic venue.

After the match the players met a former President of Romania.

Also, during their postmatch interviews, both players praised the venue and the Romanian audience. In addition, Ronnie confirmed that he will play at the Masters – he said he was missing the competition very much – and told the crowd that there will be a full ranking event there next October. The announcement was met with a enthusiast ovation.


A night in Bulgaria …

Ronnie and Jimmy White were playing in Sofia, Bulgaria yesterday evening, in front of a 1000+ audience. Oleg Velinov, who promotes the PTCs there, was also present.


They met the press before the show.

I won’t spoil you about the match, you can watch it here:

Exhibition (20.11.2015.): Ronnie O’Sullivan – Jimmy White

Ronnie has other talents too … is that part his after snooker plans?


Tonight Ronnie will meet Stuart Bingham in Bucharest, Romania.

The fitters were busy yesterday … nice venue!


A little piece in The Sun

A little piece in The Sun

I don’t usually trust that paper much, but this piece isn’t sensationalist and it just confirms what we understood from Ronnie’s latest ES blog

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN has no immediate plans to return to competitive snooker.

The five-time world champion lost a Crucible quarter-final to Stuart Bingham in April — the last time he featured in a tournament.

O’Sullivan, 39, will be a studio pundit for Eurosport during next week’s Betway UK Championship, a title he opted not to defend this year.

And The Rocket insists he loves his new role, alongside touring Europe playing exhibitions.

He said: “I don’t know if I will play competitively again. I am enjoying what I am doing.

“That was planned and not an accident.

“Really I started looking for other things back in about 2011 — it was almost luck, or an accident, that I played some really good stuff in the years that followed.

“Steve Davis was not at his peak from 32 or 33 onwards and Stephen Hendry the same.

“I had always assumed that would be me, too.

“But I won world titles at 36 and 37 and with the other wins at the Masters and the UK I surprised myself. It was almost bad timing on my part.”

Latest news …

Yesterday Ronnie was at the O2 in London to watch Stan Wawrinka beat David Ferrer at the Barclay’s ATP World Tour Finals . He was interviewed after the match.


Ronnie is a big fan of individual sports in general, and he loves tennis. His favourite player is Roger Federer but he likes Stan Wawrinka aggressive style a lot as well.

This year Ronnie will miss the final phase of the tournament; indeed tomorrow night he will play an exhibition with Jimmy White in Sofia, Bulgaria. After that, he’s Romania bound for two exhibition evenings in Bucharest with the reigning World Champion, Stuart Bingham.

Also tonight, PhoenixFM will broadcast the latest instalment  of the Midweek Matchzone Show. Paralympian Jonathan Adams will once again be Chris and Ronnie’s guest and will talk about the first World Disability snooker event to be held in Gloucester in about a week.

Ronnie speaks to Desmond Kane about his future

I no longer want to be the top man in snooker says Ronnie in his latest Eurosport blog

Ronnie O’Sullivan is in Eastern Europe for exhibition matches before he joins Jimmy White as a full-time pundit in the Eurosport studio for the UK Championship. O’Sullivan won the UK title last year with a 10-9 win over Judd Trump, but has not played a competitive match since April. In his latest blog, he tells Desmond Kane he is thinking about a future without the stress of vying for titles.

– – –

I’m trying different things at the moment. Anyone that’s coming to the end of their career has to think about the future, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past three or four years. I’ve been planning what my next 15-20 years will be, and how I’d like them to be.

It’s been tough at times, but I truly feel I have a good idea of what it is I want. I don’t want the pressure of being the top man in snooker any more. I feel that should be left to the new generation of players.

I do want a place within the sport, and I’m trying to fathom what that place is.

It’s funny really. I’m actually enjoying my practice more then ever. I play for fun now. I still try to be the best I can be, but I don’t have to be so serious about being so committed to it.

I fit the time in when I feel like it. Me and my mates play a lot these days.

I give them 80-100 start, and it’s not easy to beat them, but I love the challenge. We have a laugh, and I’m always buzzing because you get lots of chances, and I don’t have to pick balls out that much, which is a bonus.

I know my game is way off where it should be in certain aspects. That’s natural as I’ve not played competitively for over seven months, but I can still pot a few.

My safety game would need sharpening up, but that would come from a few competitive matches.

My long game could also be better, but in the balls I still feel good, and that’s what keeps me going. I can make breaks and create opportunities. That’s what I love.

I also attended my first Q&A session with the fans the other day, and that was great, nice meal, good chat, told some funny stories, and was home in time to watch the football.


I’m off to Bulgaria this week to play Jimmy White, which will be fun. I always enjoy the trips around Europe. It’s a great chance to experience different cultures.

Everywhere we go, the people really do make us feel very welcome, and I can’t thank them enough for allowing me the opportunity to perform and entertain.

It’s a two-way street because without the fans there is no buzz.

After Bulgaria, we travel to Romania. I have two nights playing the world champion Stuart Bingham in Bucharest. I know people in Romania are very excited about our arrival, and again it’s a great opportunity to play in front of a new crowd.

It will be my first trip to Romania, and one I’m really excited about.

It’s great that snooker has gone global. it has given the players greater areas to explore, and we now know places are gasping to see top snooker players play, and it’s a great platform to use to showcase the sport.

So that is it for now. I will give you a report on my travels once I’m back.

Ronnie will provide expert analysis alongside Jimmy White and host Colin Murray of the UK Championship from November 28 until December 6 at York’s Barbican Centre on Eurosport. It is his first experience of tournament-long punditry adding to the exclusive ‘Ronnie O’Sullivan Show’ already broadcast on Eurosport.