Snooker Titans Trophy – 18 June 2016

Ronnie, Mark Selby, Reanne Evans ans Steve Davis – 24 World titles in total – are in Cluj this week-end for two days of exhibitions.

Yesterday, they first met the press,  and all of them insisted that snooker should be about enjoyment as well as winning. Ronnie confirmed that he will play in the European Championship, here in Cluj come October. All players also streesed how welcome rthey were made to feel in Romania and how wonderful the hospitality is.

You can browse through the press conference pictures here.

Next came the match betwwen mark Selby and Reanne Evans. Mark won by 6-1, but the match was closer than the score suggests. There was no century.

You can see the Mark Selby v Reanne Evans match pictures here. 

Finally Ronnie played Steve Davis and beat him by 6-1. Ronnie had two centuries, a 97 … and missed a maxi. He declined to have an interval …

Pictures of the Ronnie v Steve Davis match (Monique Limbos)

With a hindsight, maybe Ronnie’s reason for skipping the interval was … hunger.

It was late already and the next thing we knew on twitter was him posting:

Great to be back in Romania, 1st match done now in an amazing Italian restaurant

(pictures by himself and Jason Francis)

5 thoughts on “Snooker Titans Trophy – 18 June 2016

  1. It seems to me that you can’t get a joke … I was just joking because the next tweets were about their dinner. And even IF he was really hungry, that’s not an attitude, it’s a biological fact. I actually don’t know for sure why he refused the interval but the show was running late as it was.

    • Oh Monique, you won, I was a bit stupid yesterday. Sorry, I shouldn’t be this upset whenever Ronnie loses a match to Selby…

  2. I was there both days and it was unbelievable to see Ronnie but it was disappointing to see that Ronnie only played for the money and wanted to leave as soon as possible. He didn’t take it seriously while Selby did, this is why he lost. I might be wrong, tho. How did you feel, Monique?

    • You are totally wrong. Ronnie’s philosophy about exhibitions is that people want to see exhibition snooker, risk taking, spectacular shots and he played many and got a fair share of them. Mark Selby by nature is more conservative, although he played very positively as well and he’s sharper having already started his season. They gave the crowd a good match. And it doesn’t seem to me that he wanted to leave as soon as possible. He signed autographs for quite a while. They were asked to make sure that people could watch the football including the personnel at the venue. They still have quite some work to do when people have left.

      • Maybe I was the only person who was annoyed after the match…:) I hate to see Ronnie losing. By the way, you wrote that Ronnie refused to take the interval because he was hungry. But how can you concentrate seriously when you’re already thinking about your dinner???? I don’t really like that attitude.

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