Snooker Titans Trophy Cluj – 19 June 2016

It was finals day in Cluj and it was a lovely one.

It all started in Nuka Bistro, where the players met the fans and signed item for them.

Then the event proper started, rather early as, with Romania playing in the Euro 2016 in the evening, they wanted everyone to be free before the football match.

Reanne Evans beat Steve Davis by 4-1 in the “small final”. Reanne played great – she had a century too – and Steve who was “miked” entertained the crowd as he only can. He also player trick shots, and cracked jokes, after the match.

You can browse through the pictures here.

Before the final, Sabina Virtosu and Cassie Matthews entertained the crowd with a mini concert, violin and guitar. Their interpretation of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” got people swinging!

In the final, Mark Selby beat Ronnie by 6-4. It was a high quality match: Mark started and finished with a century and, in between, missed a maximum on 96 … Ronnie had a 125, the highest break of the match and a few  other big breaks. It was played in good spirit, players having banter and laugher between the frames. Mark was the better player overall, he played really well, but Ronnie certainly didn’t play badly. He took a lot of spectacular risky shots, got a lot of them, but … missed a few too, as he would. That’s his philosophy about exhibitions: people are there to be entertained, they want a show and he wants to give them exactly that.


And finally, if you happen to be in Cluj, take some time to walk through the old town. My friend and myself did and here is the (photographic) result …

Enjoy! We did!


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