The Snookerstars Tour 2017 – Mark Selby wins in Hamm

It was all Mark Selby yesterday in Hamm as he won convincingly, beating Ronnie by 6-2, and making a 147 in frame 4 to put the cherry on the cake.

Jason Francis (Snooker Legends) shared a video of the final phase of Mark 147 on Facebook. Here it is

as well as this other one, with both player in action, and Theo turning a blind eye on Ronnie’s flying foul:


Jason account of the night on twitter was short(ish):

  • Sell out for
  • 1-1 so far here in Hamm
  • MARK SELBY 147! In Hamm. Last reds and colours on our Facebook page. Leads 3-1
  • Glues his own tip back on, feruleĀ covered in superglue and makes a MAXI! turn it in jester
  • Looking like marks night tonight, leads Ronnie 5-1
  • The jester closes out a 6-2 victory over Ronnie here in Hamm 1-1 in the series. Austria tomorrow

Now, Mark might set a new trend here: cake your tip and ferule in super-glue and you become unbeatable!

And here are a few more pictures shared on twitter by Jason, Snookerstars and fans (thanks Bozena and Andrea!)

And today, they will play in Austria and they are already on their way …

Don’t ask me why Ronnie looks like a security man … I have no clue!