The Snookerstars Tour 2017 – Ronnie wins in Austria

The Snookerstars Tour stopped in Dornbirn, Austria, yesterday where Ronnie and Mark were treated to a beautiful scenery as well as gorgeous weather

In the evening, Ronnie won the match by 6-4, having been in control from the start for a change. Here is the (short) account by Jason on twitter:

  • Packed in Austria. Ronnie leads 2-1
  • Ros leads 3-2 at the interval
  • 4-3 Ronnie
  • Ronnie 5-3 up
  • Ronnie wins 6-4 tonight here in Austria

And a few pictures, shared by Jason, Snookerstars and Rolf Kalb on twitter

There is also a video, shared by Jason on Facebook, showing Ronnie in action, in frame 7, clearly in exhibition mood and enjoying it:

And this was shared on youtube:

Showing 15 years old Florian Nussle playing the double. He made the winning 49 clearance to win the frame.

Today they will be back in Munich, for the last leg of the series. Ronnie leads 2-1. Should he win this afternoon, he wins the series, should Mark win, it will decided by the number of centuries made, and if they are even, on the highest century. As far as I know, currently, Ronnie made a 136 and Mark a 110 and a 147.