International Challenge 2017 – before it starts …

So the next event is about to start…

Big, big thanks to  krdlr, for finding all this information 


Information/promo video:
(I think this page will upload the whole event)

we’ll see it…

Some more infos here:

“(1) The competition consists of two teams, the Chinese team and the British team, each team consists of five contestants, one of them captain;

(2) the game using the World Professional Snooker Association latest snooker competition, which doubles the game using a blow to the way;

(3) the game with 35 Bureau 18 wins race system, is divided into four stages, each stage set doubles and singles, of which 19 Bureau for the singles, 16 Bureau for the doubles;

(4) The competition shall be determined by the two teams in addition to the competition identified by the Organizing Committee in advance, and the contestants shall not act more than three times each time, not less than once. Doubles and singles against the team before the game two hours ago by the team captain to the referee group to submit the list of players, after the submission may not be modified twice.


(A) winning team will receive 80,000 pounds, a winners trophy

(B) losing team will receive 40,000 pounds, to commemorate a trophy

(Note: all bonuses are pre-tax bonuses)

Ten contestants

A Chinese team: Ding Junhui (captain, A1), Liang Wenbo (A2), Zhou Yuelong (A3), Yan Bingtao (A4), Zhao Xin Tong (A5)

B British team: Ronnie O’Sullivan (captain, B1), Mark Williams (B2), Graeme (B3), Joe Perry (B4), Michael Holt (B5)”

And there is a picture (write on Chinese) with the session times (matches lists?)…

My  guess is the “Bureau” means “Frame”. Automatic translators are not yet perfect…

And here are a few pictures shared on social media, both Western and Chinese

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