Why Ronnie wasn’t at the awards… he is in Thailand!

Indeed Ronnie is in Thailand, for a charity exhibition organised by his sponsor. The exhibition will take place tomorrow at the Hi-End Snooker Wanghin Club. Ronnie was welcomed by Nutcharut Wongharuthai, a very promising young female snooker player who impressed me in Malta and by Noppon Saengham.

This is a video with Ronnie promoting the event during the World Championship

The images and videos in this post were shared by on Facebook by Hi-End Snooker Wanghin Club

Ronnie arrives in Thailand

Ronnie at his press conference with Nutcharuk and Noppon

Ronnie signing snooker goodies and books

Hopefully we will have some images/footages of the exhibition itself tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Why Ronnie wasn’t at the awards… he is in Thailand!

  1. He looks happy and relaxed . As he looks for quite some time now.I think he has found the right balance in his life , and I am very happy for him.

  2. Monique,

    Thanks for sharing these photos and the write up about Ronnie in Thailand. I think it’s great Ronnie is there for this charity event! As well as being the greatest snooker player of all time (IMHO) it’s nice to see this side of him too.

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