Ronnie in Thailand – 12.05.2018


Ronnie had a very busy day yesterday in Bangkog, as he reconnected with old friends, James Wattana and Stuart Pettman. It was a very long day and Ronnie admitted from the start that he felt a bit “sleepy” … most certainly jetlagged. There were snooker matches, interviews, auctions, including Ronnie’s waistcoat, and more, all for charity and a lot of it was streamed all day on the High-End Wanghin snooker club facebook page . That’s also where those pictures were shared.

Ronnie didn’t play that well, he was probably tired and not very used to the conditions. There were some very nice shots though … mixed with seemingly basic mistakes. But, in a way, it wasn’t a bad thing as the local heroes, James Wattana, Noppon Saengkam and Nutcharut Wongharutai also had ample opportunities to show their own skills. Young Nutcharut in particular was impressive and warmly applauded by Ronnie who was forced to sit out for nearly two full frames whilst she scored heavily! Peggy Li was the referee in charge!

Here are two videos I put together from the exhibition matches

Ronnie played one frame against two amateurs and James Wattana. Wattana beat him on the colours…

Ronnie played four frames against Nutcharut, and four frames against Noppon. In both matches the score was 2-2…

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  1. Yes Nutcharut plays well, and at 18 has a promising future. She’s also likely to be jetlagged, as she’s down to play in Q-School on Tuesday! However, given the situation for Thai players, it’s much more important for her to be doing what she’s doing. I’m sure she wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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