Huizhou Challenge Exhibition – 30 August 2019 – Full coverage.

Now the full coverage of the exhibition  


O’Sullivan and John Higgins played against the Chinese team consisting of Marco Fu and Liang Wenbo. In the end, the UK team won with a score of 3-2 and won the competition. [mighty]At the same time, O’Sullivan also won the highest break in this competition [加油], O’Sullivan once again gave the trophy to the small fans in the audience. (source weibo)

There was an individual competition where everyone played everyone. Ronnie won his three matches and as such won the league (source Weibo).

“Double” matches were also on the program and the UK team won the competition.

This is the exhibition:

Plus a compilation on short videos – from Weibo – showing funny/endearing moments


Ronnie welcoming the little fan is cute and endearing.

And also, of course, more images were shared on Weibo


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    • Four of the the six most lucrative ranking events open to all players are in China. So that’s not “all” of them, but the balance has clearly shifted towards China.

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