Another amazing statistic and something to read…

The 2020 Champion of Champions starts today, with the defending champion, Neil Robertson in action.

And, as this elite tournament is about to start,  another great Ronnie statistic has emerged:


Ronnie has played 51 “elite” tournaments for the best 8-16 players only in the last  20 seasons since the 2000/01 and he has won 28 (55 %) of them. He also reached 37 (73 %) finals and won 76 % of them. 

Quite extraordinary really.

While you wait for the snooker to start here is something to read: issue 7 of “The Chalk” is out.

3 thoughts on “Another amazing statistic and something to read…

  1. This is a much better distinction that the old-fashioned ‘ranking tournament’ classification, or the limited ‘triple crown’ tally.

    In chess, there is a formula for calculating the strength of a tournament, known as ‘Category’. For example, Grandmaster titles are awarded by results obtained in tournaments of the required Category. Myself, I use a formula based on the average strength of the participants and the length of the matches. That way, tournaments like the Masters and Champion of Champions acheive the status they clearly deserve.

  2. Ronnie won 3 whitewashes (and lost none), while the other 15 players won a combined 1 whitewash.

  3. In the 90 s more known as a great talent than a great winner. Certainly turned that around since lol
    Thanks for those unique stats Monique. B

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