Tour Qualifying Events and Snooker News – 10.06.2022

Tomorrow, both the 2022 Asia-Oceania Q-School Event 2 and the EBSA Under-21 Championship will be played to a conclusion.

This is the semi-finals line-up for the Asia-Oceania Q-School Event 2:

Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 21.16.47

The winners of these matches will get a two years tour card. We have three Thai players, and an Indian player. Of the three Thai players only Narongdat Takantong has never been a pro. Himanshu Dinesh Jain has never been a pro either. Dechawat Poomjaeng would probably be a popular winner tomorrow although Stephen Maguire may disagree …

The EBSA Under-21 Championship is at the quater final stages:

Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 21.14.26

It’s a rather international line-up: Kledio is Albanese, Aidan and Liam are English, Florian is Austrian, Julien and Ben are Belgian, Iulian is Ukrainian and Nicolas is French.

Iulian has both been professional. Florian has not been a pro, but has played in main tour events. Julien has already earned his tour card via the Q-Tour. Tomorrow Florian and Julien will face each other and Florian may feel aggrieved, should he lose, to have lost to someone who had little pressure, whilst himself is trying to gain his tour card.

Iulian will face Ben and although he’s the one fighting to regain his tour card, he’s the youngest of the two. I have mixed feelings about this one. I would like to have three Belgians on the Main Tour, I also want Iulian to regain his professional status. He was far too young the first time, and is only starting to improve significantly. It would be a shame if he suffered a setback in his development now.

For me, the “surprise package” of this line-up is Nicolas Mortreux. I will admit that I know nothing about him, although he’s done well in EBSA events before. Actually, Nicolas, Julien and Florian were all involved in the QFs at the 2019 EBSA under-18 Championship in Israel.

In other snooker news, Sunny Akani‘s father put a post on his son’s Facebook page. Automatic translations are not always accurate, but from what I understood, Sunny will go back or is already back to Thailand and doesn’t intend to play on the Main Tour next season, despite beeing “high” on the Q-School order of merit. Akani struggled with health issues and with his game over the last three years. He wasn’t enjoying his snooker anymore. He’s hoping that going back to Thailand, and playing there without the pressure of the main tour will help him to rediscover his form and his love for the game.

And in other news … Ronnie and Zhao were on their way to Singapore ROSZhaoooftoSingapore

and Mink was also on her way …


… to play in this …


Hopefully I’ll be able to find some kind of report and pictures…



4 thoughts on “Tour Qualifying Events and Snooker News – 10.06.2022

  1. Yes, it’s not a complete surprise that Sunny Akani has returned home. At least there are some events in Thailand if he wants to keep playing snooker. He got married last year and now has other considerations. I saw him in the World Championship and Q School, and he looked stressed and unhappy. The system treated him harshly, and we may have lost yet another decent overseas player.

    I have to say I’m baffled about the tour card allocation, with these ESBA events. All allocations must be announced in advance – by several months. Players have to decide whether to travel to events based on their expectations, and players who failed in Q School can’t be given another chance until the next season. It’s just not consitent.

  2. Florian has been Professional before? That would be new to me…
    Elsewhere, great win for the highly rated Liam Davies in the under 18-event, although no tour card awarded there.
    I’m hoping for Mertens or Nuessle, both have great potential to do well on the circuit

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