Ronnie wins the 2022 Meyerside Masters

Whilst the latest of the 2022 Welsn Open Qualifiers were played in Wolverhampton, Ronnie, Jimmy White, Reanne Evans and Stephen Hendry were in Liverpool to play a two days long Snooker Legends tournament.

The venue was St Georges Hall, an iconic snooker venue where Jo and Fred Davis played in 1952 …

Liverpool-History -1952
Image credits – Thurston Snooker

This magnificent venue hasn’t changed much.

The event was played over four sessions, two days. Snooker Legends events are not actually professional tournaments: the offer the righ mix between “exhibition” entertainment and serious, high quality snooker.

On Saturday, Stephen Hendry faced Jimmy White in the afternoon over best of 11; Jimmy won by 6-1. In the evening Ronnie defeated Reanne Evans by the same score; he made a century, two breaks over 90 and three breaks over 80. In the last frame of the day, he missed on 88 whilst on a maximum. Not bad!

On Sunday, the afternoon started with a bit of “cabaret” and trick shots by John Virgo. A best of 7 match between Stephen Hendry and Reanne Evans followed. Stephen won it by 4-3. In the evening Ronnie faced Jimmy for the title. Jimmy made the better start and lead by 3-0, before Ronne stopped the rot by taking the last frame before the MSI. He then won the next three to lead by 4-3. Jimmy wasn’t going to roll over though and the match went to a deciding frame. Eventually Ronnie won it by 6-5.

Here are some images, shared by Jason and fans on social media.

The event wasn’t streamed as this isn’t allowed by the professional players  contract.

But this video, recorded by a fan, emerged on social media

If anyone wonders about the scores… remember that this is an exhibition event. When Ronnie and Jimmy play in those events, their priority is to give the crowd a good time and they both go for spectacular shots, which are not always the “right” shots. Also, from my own experience, in a more relaxed environment, Jimmy can still play at a very high level much to the delight of his faithful fans.

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  1. Good result for Ronnie. I just wish he could do this in actual tour matches. Jimmy can play, but in pressurised matches he can’t compete. Ronnie hopefully wins a 7th World title at some point and then nothing else to achieve sport from going for a 8th Worlds. Ronnie the 8th would be Awsum !!

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